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I have been reading complaints on this site about GRC Guthy Renker, Wen HairCare products and the same thing happened to me.I signed up to receive the product, paid, received in the mail and loved it .

. . until I got billed the next month for a 60 day supply that never came. Repeated billing, keep trying to cancel, but they still send me bills.

I spoke with a friend of mine about it who is a lawyer that practices this type of law.

I am going to file a class action.If you're interested in learning more or want to help, please email me at

Review about: Wen Hair Care Product.

GRC Vitamins

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Terrible customer service all around, they argue with you, give you the run around, and cut you off while speaking-meaning they don't listen to you!!!My FIRST initial free trial was charged as a full six months supply, I sent it back and they tell me it's going to take another 6-8 weeks to process the return and get my *** money back which they should have never taken in the first place!!!

After the 6-8 weeks, they "have not recieved the package." One rep said I was going to get the refund expected in another 6-8 weeks, then when I saw ANOTHER charge to my account, I called and that rep said I had to sign an affidavit before they can give me my return and that'll take 6-8 weeks. I hate this company, I can't believe a great company like Guthy Renker is affiliating themselves with this company when I've had such great experience for over ten years with them.

If you're thinking about buying this product, don't do it, go to your local GNC, you'll have better luck and service there!



I've seen on my accont that a company called grc vitamins been with drawing money from my accont but i do not know how to contact them to stop this. I was wondering if you maybe have a number to them ?

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